Operation on Fine Topology

P. L. Powar, Baravan Asaad, K. Rajak, R. Kushwaha


This paper introduces the concept of an operation $\gamma$ on $\tau_f$. Using this operation, we define the concept of $f_\gamma$-open sets, and study some of their related notions. Also, we introduce the concept of $f_\gamma g$.closed sets and then study some of its properties. Moreover, we introduce and investigate some types of $f_\gamma$-separation axioms and $f_{\gamma\beta}$-continuous functions by utilizing the operation $\gamma$ on $\tau_f$. Finally, some basic properties of functions with $f_\beta$-closed graphs have been obtained.


fine-open sets, $f_\gamma$-open sets, $f_\gamma g$.closed sets, $f_\gamma$-separation axioms, $f_{\gamma\beta}$-continuous functions, $f_\beta$-closed graphs

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