Mathematical Analysis of an Immune-structured Chikungunya Transmission Model

Kambire Famane, Gouba Elisée, Tao Sadou, Blaise Some


In this paper, we have formulated a new deterministic model to describe the dynamics of the spread of chikunguya between humans and mosquitoes populations. This model takes into account the variation in mortality of humans and mosquitoes due to other causes than chikungunya disease, the decay of acquired immunity and the immune sytem boosting. From the analysis, it appears that the model is well posed from the mathematical and epidemiological standpoint. The existence of a single disease free equilibrium has been proved. An explicit formula, depending on the parameters of the model, has been obtained for the basic reproduction number R0 which is used in epidemiology. The local asymptotic stability of the disease free equilibrium has been proved. The numerical simulation of the model has confirmed the local asymptotic stability of the disease
free equilbrium and the existence of endmic equilibrium. The varying effects of the immunity parameters has been analyzed numerically in order to provide better conditions for reducing the transmission of the disease.


Chikungunya, Differential equations, Asymptotic stability, Basic reproduction number, Modeling and numerical simulation

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