On the Paper "On hyperideals of ordered semihypergroups" by ZeGu in Ital. J. Pure Appl. Math.

Niovi Kehayopulu


Giving the proper citations, it is shown that, except of Lemma 2.4 and Theorem 2.6, almost all the results of the paper in the title have been previously published for ordered hypersemigroups in Eur. J. Pure Appl. Math. and they are not new. There are also two results obtained from ordered semigroups just putting a ``$\circ$" instead of ``$\cdot$" (that isn't a correct way to work), without reference to ordered semigroups on which the results on ordered hypersemigroups are based. One of them can be obtained as corollary to a theorem in Eur. J. Pure Appl. Math. as well, and it is not new.


ordered hypersemigroup, ideal, prime, weakly prime, semiprime, weakly semiprime, irreducible

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