Modelling and Simulating a Transmission of COVID-19 Disease: Niger Republic Case

Abba Mahamane Oumarou, Saley Bisso


This paper focuses on the dynamics of spreads of a coronavirus disease (Covid-19).
Through this paper, we study the impact of a contact rate in the transmission of the disease. We determine the basic reproductive number R0, by using the next generation matrix method. We also determine the Disease Free Equilibrium and Endemic Equilibrium points of our model. We prove that the Disease Free Equilibrium is asymptotically stable if R0 < 1 and unstable if R0 > 1. The asymptotical stability of Endemic Equilibrium is also establish. Numerical simulations are made to show the impact of contact rate in the spread of disease.


Ordinary Differential Equation, Stability, Basic Reproductive number, Deterministic model, Simulation

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