Analytical Discussion and Sensitivity Analysis of Parameters of Magnetohydrodynamic Free Convective Flow in an Inclined Plate

S. Thamizh Suganya, P. Balaganesan, L. Rajendran, Marwan Abukhaled


A mathematical model of the magnetohydrodynamic free convective flow of a viscous incompressible fluid, which is based on a system of coupled steady-state nonlinear deferential equations, is discussed. A new approach of the homotopy perturbation method is employed to derive analytical expressions of the fluid velocity, fluid temperature, and species concentration. The effciency and accuracy of the derived results are tested against highly accurate and widely used numerical methods. The obtained analytical expressions are employed to study the effects of the magnetic field, chemical reaction, and other relevant flow parameters on fluid velocity, fluid temperature, and species concentration. Sensitivity analysis of these parameters is also presented.


Analytic solution, mathematical modelling, boundary value problem, magnetohydrodynamic, porous medium, inclined plate

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