Robust Exponential Stability of Recurrent Neural Networks with Deviating Argument and Stochastic Disturbance

Zha Mingxin, Si Wenxiao, Xie Tao


It is well known that deviating argument and stochastic disturbance may derail the stability of recurrent neural networks (RNNs). This paper discusses the robustness of global exponential stability (GES) of RNNs accompanied with deviating argument and stochastic disturbance. For a given global exponentially stable RNNs, it is interesting to know how much the length of the interval of piecewise function and the interference intensity so that the disturbed system may still be exponentially stable. The available upper boundary of the range of piecewise variables and the interference intensity in the disturbed RNNs to keep GES are the solutions of some transcendental equations. Finally, some examples are provided to demonstrate the efficacy of the inferential results.

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