Modeling, Simulation and Performance Analysis of a Flexible Production System


  • Mohamed Boualem
  • Mouloud Cherfaou
  • Amina Angelika Bouchentouf Djillali Liabes University
  • Djamil Aissani


Queueing models, flexible production systems, modeling, simulation, stability


This paper deals with a flexible production system modeled by re-entrant queueing network; a system decomposed into two fundamental multi-productive stations and three classes, a part follows the route fixed by the system, where each one is processed first by station 1 for the first step, then by station 2 for the second step, and again by the first station for third and last step before leaving the system.

We assume that there is an infinite supply of work available, so that there are always parts ready for processing step 1, and that the first station gives preemptive priority to buffer 3.

Several performance measures have been used to evaluate the system performances considering two scenarios; high priority with service conservation and high priority with loss of parts. So, performances due to varying its parameters are investigated through expanded Monte Carlo simulations.






Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Analysis

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Modeling, Simulation and Performance Analysis of a Flexible Production System. (2015). European Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 8(1), 26-49.