Functions and Weakly µH-Compact Spaces

Abdo Qahis, Takashi Noiri


A GTS (X, µ) is said to be weakly µH-compact if for every µ-open cover {Vα : α ∈ ∆} of X there exists a finite subset ∆0 of ∆ such that X \ ∪{cµ(Vα) : α ∈ ∆0} ∈ H. In this paper we study the effect of functions on weakly µH-compact spaces. The main result is that the θ(µ, ν)-continuous image of a weakly µH-compact space is weakly νf(H)-compact


Generalized topology, hereditary class, µH-compact, weakly µHcompact, θ(µ, ν)-continuity.

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