On C-co-epi-retractable Modules

Abdoul Djibril Diallo, Papa Cheikhou Diop, Mamadou Barry


In this paper, we introduce the notion of c-co-epi-retractable modules. An R-module M is called c-co-epi-retractable if it contains a copy of its factor module by a complement submodule. The ring R is called c-co-pri if RR is c-co-epi-retractable. Conditions are found under which, a c-coepi-retractable module is extending, retractable, semi-simple, quasi-injective, injective and simple. Also, we investigate when c-co-epi-retractable modules have finite uniform dimension. Finally, right SI-rings, semi-simple artinian rings and quasi-Frobenius rings are characterized in termes of c-co-epi-retractable modules.


co-epi-retractable modules, c-co-epi-retactable modules, extending modules, Rickart modules

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