Affine Subspaces of the Lie Algebra se(1,1)


  • Dennis I. Barrett Rhodes University
  • Rory Biggs Rhodes University
  • Claudiu C. Remsing Rhodes University, SOUTH AFRICA


Lie algebra, affine subspace, equivalence


We classify the full-rank affine subspaces (resp. parametrized affine subspaces) of the semi-Euclidean Lie algebra se(1,1). The equivalence relations under consideration (L-equivalence and P-equivalence) are motivated by the study of invariant control affine systems. Exhaustive lists of equivalence representatives are obtained, along with classifying conditions.

Author Biography

Claudiu C. Remsing, Rhodes University, SOUTH AFRICA


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Barrett, D. I., Biggs, R., & Remsing, C. C. (2014). Affine Subspaces of the Lie Algebra se(1,1). European Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 7(2), 140–155. Retrieved from