A Characterization of Derivations in Prime Rings with Involution

Shakir Ali, M. Rahman Mozumder, Adnan Abbasi, M. Salahuddin Khan


The purpose of this paper is to investigate $*$-differential identities satisfied by pair of derivations on prime rings with involution. In particular, we prove that if a 2-torsion free noncommutative ring $R$ admit nonzero derivations $d_1, d_2$ such that $[d_1(x), d_2(x^*)]=0$ for all $x\in R$, then $d_1=\lambda d_2$, where $\lambda\in C$. Finally, we provide an example to show that the condition imposed in the hypothesis of our results are necessary.


Prime ring, derivation, involution, $*$-differential identity

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